Customize your device in Wacom Tablet Properties

Customize your device in Wacom Tablet Properties

You can customize your device, pen, and other tools in Wacom Tablet Properties so that they work the way you want. Open Wacom Tablet Properties to view the settings you can customize.

Note: The options available in Wacom Tablet Properties will vary depending on your device.

What can I customize in Wacom Tablet Properties?

  • Assign Functions to components like ExpressKeys™, Touch Rings, Rocker Rings, Touch Strips, pen buttons, and the pen tip.
  • Select the settings that you want Touch gestures to activate.
  • Assign settings that change depending on which application you are using by creating Application Specific settings.
  • Create and assign On-Screen Controls, such as Screen Key panels and Radial menus.
  • Define which devices to switch between when you Display Toggle, if you are using multiple devices or monitors.
  • Return the settings on the tab that you are viewing to Default settings.
  • Set advanced Options, such as how your pen tip performs clicks.

Where can I access settings and other options in Wacom Tablet Properties?

  • Device list
    • There is an icon in this list for each device that is currently connected to your computer. To add a new device to this list, connect it to your computer.
    • Select a device from the Device list to view the Functions and Touch settings for it.
    • For some products, the Device List will not be present when only one tablet is attached.
  • Tool list
    • There is an icon in this list for each tool that you recently used on this device. To add a new tool to this list, use the tool on your device.
    • Select a tool to view the settings for it.
    • Select Functions to view the settings for the device that you selected from the Device list, such as settings for ExpressKeys™ and Touch Rings.
    • For some products, the Tool List will not be present.
  • Application list
    • Select All from the Application list to view the settings that apply across all applications.
    • If you created Application Specific Settings, select an application icon from the Application list to view the settings that are specific to that application.
  • About button: Select About to view software version information and access the Diagnose tool that can help you test your device.
  • Help icon: Select the icon to view User Help topics for the settings that you are currently viewing.
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