Create On-Screen Controls

Create On-Screen Controls

You must first create a new On-Screen Control, or copy an existing one, and then you can assign settings to it.

Important: On-Screen Controls are not specific to a device. You can assign them to a customizable component of any device that appears in Wacom Tablet Properties.

  1. Open Wacom Tablet Properties.
  2. Select Functions from the Tool list.
  3. Select the On-Screen Controls tab.

    The above screenshot is for descriptive purposes; it may not match your screen.

  4. Select if you want to create a new On-Screen Control or select if you want to copy an existing one.

    Note: You can also select an existing On-Screen Control and click to edit it or to delete it.

  5. In the window that appears, enter a Name and select a Layout by clicking one of the layout buttons.

    • You can move the Size slider to change the size of the On-Screen Control when it appears on your screen.
    • You can select Display at Cursor if you want the On-Screen Control to appear next to your cursor when you open it. If you do not select this, the On-Screen Control appears in the same location every time you open it.

  6. Click OK.
    • The On-Screen Control that you just created appears in the Panels list on the On-Screen Controls tab.
  7. Assign settings to your Radial Menus, Screen Keys and Keypads.

Tip: You can create an On-Screen Control and then switch the layout whenever you want.

  • From the Panels list, select the On-Screen Control that you want to change.
  • Click to edit.
  • Select a new layout, and click OK.

If you switch to an On-Screen Control that has fewer settings than your original one, your settings are not lost. For example, if you create a Keypad and then change it to a Radial Menu, your first eight settings display in the Radial menu. If you switch back, all of your original Keypad settings are still there.

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