Assign settings to Keypads

Assign settings to Keypads

After you create a Keypad, you can change the settings assigned to the buttons so that the Keypad includes the settings you want.

  1. In Wacom Tablet Properties on the On-Screen Controls tab, select the name of the Keypad in the Panels list.
    • An image of a Keypad appears under Assignment with default settings assigned to it.
    • Keypad in Wacom Tablet Properties

  2. Click a Keypad button that you want to change.
  3. Select the setting that you want to assign from the Assignment drop-down above the Keypad.
    • To assign numbers, select Keyboard > Keystroke. When you select Keystroke, you are prompted to select a keystroke or create a keystroke combination.
    • If you want the setting to repeat when you press and hold the Keypad button, select Repeat.
    • You must assign a setting to at least one button. For any buttons that you do not want to use, select Disabled.

    Assign your On-Screen Control to a customizable component, like an ExpressKey or pen button, so that you can open it when you want to use it.

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