Accessing and customizing your device

Accessing and customizing your device

Clicking on My Devices in the Wacom Desktop Center main menu will display the supported Wacom device(s) connected to your computer (please note that the Wacom Desktop Center does not support Wacom's Business Solutions devices).

Clicking on a device name opens up the Software (if applicable), Settings, and Documentation sections for that device on the right side of the Wacom Desktop Center screen.

The above screenshot is for descriptive purposes; it may not match your screen.

Viewing the device's serial number

From the Wacom Desktop Center screen, click on My Devices to view the Serial Number associated with each supported Wacom device connected to your computer.

Redeeming Software

  1. In the Wacom Desktop Center, click on the name of the device.
  2. If there is free, bundled software available for your device, a Software section will display in the Wacom Desktop Center along with a Redeem your software link.
  3. Click Redeem your software and then register your product to receive the included software.

Customizing your device settings

  1. In the Wacom Desktop Center, click on the specific device you wish to customize.
  2. The Settings you can modify (depending on your device) may include:
    • Pen settings: Customize how your pen operates, including pen button click behavior, tip feel and tilt sensitivity (depending on your pen).
    • Pen calibration: Calibrate the alignment between pen and screen cursor.
    • ExpressKey settings: If your Wacom device has ExpressKeys, you can customize the button functions.
    • Rocker Ring: If your Wacom device has a Rocker Ring, you can assign the positions of the Rocker Ring and Center Button to various settings, menu and keystroke defaults.
    • Touch Ring: If your Wacom device has a Touch Ring, you can customize the action performed by the Touch Ring.
    • Touch Strip settings: If your Wacom device has a Touch Strip, you can customize the Touch Strip functions.
    • On-Screen Control settings: Change behavior of On-Screen Controls such as Express menus.
    • Display settings: Customize color and other settings for your display device.
    • Run Setup Wizard: See below.

Running the Setup Wizard

If available, the Setup Wizard will run automatically when you first install your device. You can run it at any time from the Wacom Desktop Center to view helpful features about the selected device, as well as register your device.

  1. Select your device from My Devices, then select (if available) Run Setup Wizard.
  2. Click Start and then follow the prompts.

Accessing information about your device

The Documentation section allows you to connect to instructional information about your device, register your Wacom product, or connect to Bluetooth wireless (if available) via the following options:

  • Getting Started: You will proceed to Wacom's website for helpful information about your device.
  • Connect by Bluetooth wireless: If supported by your device, you will proceed to Connect Wirelessly to Bluetooth instructions.
  • Tutorials: Provides access to videos with helpful information on a variety of features.
  • User Help: To access the User Help for your device.
  • Register your device: You will proceed to Wacom's website, where you can sign in using your Wacom ID (or create one) and then register your device.
  • Important product information: To access online product information for your device, including Product Specifications as well as License and Warranties.
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