A world of opportunity, all at the tip of a pen. A Bamboo pen tablet, that is.

Do more on your computer with Bamboo: make your photos look better than ever. Draw, sketch or doodle naturally, with pen in hand, a lot like writing on real paper, only digitally. Play new games. Have more fun in Facebook. Share memories, and more.

Make it yours. Truly.

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Be a master photo fixer.

Make it easy to retouch, fix, and edit your digital images. Remove unwanted details, improve skin tones, even create your own composition. All with the accuracy of a Wacom pen. A Bamboo pen tablet enhances your experience in Adobe® Photoshop® and Photoshop® Elements, as well as in Picnik, PhotoBucket, Picassa or other online photo editing tools. Photoshop Elements and Nik® color filters are included in select Bamboo models.

Turn your photos into personalized cards with the new Bamboo CardBuilder. Choose your own photos from Facebook albums, make embellishments and borders, digitally handwrite a greeting, and then share with friends and family. Try it today. It's free from Wacom.

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Draw, paint, doodle on your computer

There's no better way to draw, paint, or simply doodle than with the use of a Wacom pen tablet. And Bamboo makes it easy, using your favorite software applications and online sites. Just pick up the pen and start drawing or painting. Adjust line weight and opacity naturally through the pen's pressure sensitivity.

Try Bamboo DoodleScape, a new Facebook app from Wacom. It's the biggest, baddest online canvas you've ever seen. Draw in Doodlescape. Post to your own wall or post to your friends'. Then watch it grow as your friends add their own doodles.

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If spreadsheets make you yawn, maybe you're not doing them right!
Watch these videos to see what you've been missing!


Use highlighters, different colored pens or your own handwriting to draw attention to key numbers in Excel spreadsheets.

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Inking tools in Word are great for making edits or jotting personal notes. Great for collaboration or grading papers!

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Writing in email is just plain fun. It doesn't matter if it's for work or play, writing in your own handwriting gets people's attention.

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Make your point really stick. You can write or highlight using the pen in digital drafts or in presentation mode. Drive home your idea.

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Sign Your Name

Forget the fax: sign your name the digital way. Using the pen, you can sign your name in hundreds of applications.

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There's nothing like writing in your own handwriting. This software is like Word, but a bit easier for note taking and journals.

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Snipping Tool

Get screen captures and write on them before saving or sharing. Microsoft now makes this easy with this tool in your Start Menu.

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Instant Messenger

MSN is making IM really fun with the ability to use your pen to communicate. Share your doodles or notes just as you write them.

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In a world where people use PDF's to lock documents, you can still show them what you think. Annotate or sign using the pen.

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NOW OPEN: The Bamboo amusement park! No admission fees: just load the Bamboo Dock onto your machine, pick the rides you want (a.k.a., the apps) and go. More than 20 games and activities to choose from. Preview some of our favorites below.

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This drawing application gives you a simple brush tool that allows you to create your own graphics with your pen. By combining your pen strokes with brush styles, Livebrush offers a fun and unique way to create cool artwork.
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Mona Lisa

With Mona Lisa, you can apply fun effects to any portrait—even your own. Use the pen to liquefy, bulge or warp faces to make them look weird or even old. Now everybody can make Mona Lisa smile!
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Make an artistic self portrait! Use Montmarte's set of cool filters and pen tools to alter the photo and then upload it as your new profile on Facebook! Why not make a slick new profile picture today?
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Mah Jongg

Try this popular Chinese solitaire game! Users can play up to 10 levels, by dragging and dropping tiles with a pen.
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See some of our scrappers' work!
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Use the precision of the pen to edit photos, draw, design embellishments or write in your own handwriting. Whether you're preserving your family's memories in digital layouts or printing photos to add to a traditional scrapbook, the Bamboo Craft will help you add your own unique, personal touch. Includes full versions of Adobe® Photoshop® Elements and Corel® Painter™ Essentials, plus lots of valuable stuff specially selected for crafters and
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Are you your family's historian? Join us at Pen Scrappers where you'll find inspiration, learning, contests and special offers that will start you on your Pen Scrapping journey. Our experts show you how to bring out the best in your photos and layouts, so your story will be preserved for generations to come.

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Bamboo + Fraboom = Better Together

Fraboom is the world's first live interactive online children's museum. Attend classes, play games, watch educational cartoons and enjoy fun activities that entertain as well as stimulate creativity. Put a Bamboo pen in your child's hand and he or she is ready to tap into Fraboom's unique learning environment. Your child will get personalized, step-by-step instruction on how to draw and create, ultimately contributing to their intellectual well-being. Unlock the world of creativity for your child with Bamboo and Fraboom.

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Calling all animators!

Bring your drawings to life with DoInk's free and fun online vector drawing and animation tools. Simple enough to do a quick doodle, yet sophisticated enough to create a Flash-like animation. Even if you can't draw, you can animate using DoInk's huge library of shared art "props." Share your art with the world by posting your DoInk clips to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, email, embed in blogs & websites.

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