About this document

About this document

This document is referred to as User Help. User Help is intended to assist with the setup, features, and advanced use of Wacom devices, including pens and accessories.

User Help is an additional resource to the Quick Start Guide, which is included in the box with your Wacom device. The Quick Start Guide will give you the fastest overview of the initial setup or installation process so you can begin using your Wacom device immediately.

Topics on this page

Things to know about User Help

When viewing User Help, there are several callouts to pay special attention to that give you important information regarding using your Wacom device. The following callouts are present in User Help:

Important: This callout provides specific information that my be necessary for the optimal use of your device or information that you should know about your device.
Warning: This callout provides specific information that may be necessary for the safe use of your device, including but not limited to physical safety or the safe management of your files and data, and best-practice measures to ensure your device works properly.
Note: This callout provides general information about the use of your device, including efficiencies and feature details, variations, or limitations. This callout is also used to identify if a feature or action is not available on all devices.
Tip: This callout provides additional information on how to use your device, including shortcuts and helpful recommendations.

The User Help also contains links to other helpful or relevant information. Clicking on a link will take you to another URL location, most commonly another User Help page, or to the Wacom website.

Device features listed in User Help

User Help provides an in-depth look into the features of Wacom devices. This includes feature definitions, examples, screenshots, and instructions to help users make the most out of their experiences with their devices. However, the User Help may contain features that are not available on your specific device. Wacom does its best to annotate the instances where a device feature is mentioned, but is not available on all devices.

Access User Help

You can access User Help from these locations:

  • The Wacom Center help icon.
  • The Wacom Tablet Properties help icon.
  • On the Resources for your Wacom device page: in the search bar, enter your product's name or model number and select the product from the resulting drop-down list. The product's User Help will display in the Manual & Warranty section.
Note: User Help is common to Windows and Mac computers. Screenshots are from a Windows computer, unless otherwise noted.
Note: Information about your specific computer hardware, operating system, and application software is not included. Refer to the product information provided with those products.
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