Features of the DTU-1031AX

Features of the DTU-1031AX

  • Pen storage: Use the compartment on the top edge of the pen display to store the pen when it is not in use.
  • Pen stand: Use the pen stand to safely store your pen while you are working.
  • Pen tether anchor slots: Insert the pen tether into one of these slots and slip the pen through the loop to attach it to the right or left side of your pen display.
  • Display stand: Fold out this built-in stand to prop up your pen display at an angle for easier viewing.
    • You can also attach a stand to the VESA mounting holes.
  • Power LED: The Power LED is next to the pen storage. The Power LED lights blue when the pen display is on and a video signal is detected.
  • Port for the Split Y USB cable: The port for the Split Y USB cable is on the top left-hand edge of the pen display.
  • Kensington Security Slot: This slot is located on the top right-hand edge of the pen display. It can be used to attach a locking cable to secure your pen display to a specific location, like your desk.

1 Power LED
2 Pen storage
3 Pen stand

4 Kensington Security Slot
5 Pen tether anchor slots
6 Port for the Split Y USB cable
7 Display stand
8 VESA mounting holes
9 Rubber feet

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