Customize advanced Wacom Display Settings

Customize advanced Wacom Display Settings

Click Advanced in Wacom Display Settings to customize advanced display settings such as aspect ratio, sharpness, auto power down, and more.

Important: The available options listed below will vary, depending on your device.

The above screenshot has been partially blurred and is for descriptive purposes only; it may not match your screen.

  • Aspect Ratio: Change the setting so that the screen displays the ratio of width to height that you want.
    • Full: Fills the entire screen.
    • Aspect: Fills as much of the screen as possible while maintaining the correct aspect ratio.
    • 1:1: Displays a 1:1 screen aspect ratio.
  • Power LED Brightness: Adjust the power button LED brightness.
  • Sharpness: Move the slider to the right for a sharper display and to the left for a softer one.
  • Firmware Version: Displays the current firmware installed on your device.
  • Wacom Display Settings Version: Displays the current version of the display software.
  • Uniformity Compensation: Select On to automatically adjust different areas of the screen with respect to the center. This results in uniform brightness and color over the entire screen.
  • Battery Mode: If this setting applies to your device, it allows you to change the amount of maximum battery charge. You can select:
    • Mobile: charges battery to maximum: If your device is typically unplugged and requires a maximum battery charge.
    • Desktop: maximizes battery life span: If your device is typically plugged into a power source and does not require a full battery charge.
  • Energy Smart: Click On so that your pen display goes to sleep if you do not interact with it for more than a few minutes.
  • Dynamic Contrast: Click On so that your screen is automatically adjusted to maintain a constant contrast.
  • Auto Power Down: The default setting is On so that your pen display automatically powers off if you do not interact with it for over 120 minutes.
  • LCD Conditioning: Click Start to automatically adjust the display so that instances of color do not remain on the screen for long periods of time. This prevents image persistence.
  • Factory Reset: Click to return the display settings to their defaults.

Tip: If you change display settings and your screen becomes too dark to see the Factory Reset button, you can press CTRL + ALT + R on your keyboard to reset display settings to their defaults.

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