On-Screen Display Settings - Options

On-Screen Display Settings - Options

A number of options are available from the On Screen Display menu.

  • Brightness/Contrast:
    • Brightness. Increases or decreases the image brightness.
    • Contrast. Increases or decreases image contrast. Changes in contrast may affect color accuracy.
    • Backlight. Increases or decreases the backlight brightness level.
  • Custom RGB:
    • Red. Independently adjusts the red color value.
    • Green. Independently adjusts the green color value.
    • Blue. Independently adjusts the blue color value.
    • Note: Any changes you manually make to the color settings will override the color profile settings.
  • Color Presets:
    • 5000K, 6500K, 9300K. Enables you to adjust the color temperature, in degrees Kelvin. Default is 6500K.
    • Direct. Displays the colors directly from the video card without any adjustment. When selected, contrast or brightness cannot be adjusted.
  • Display:
    • Scaling options:
      • Full. Resizes the image to fill the whole screen.
      • Aspect. Resizes the image to fill as much of the screen as possible while maintaining the correct aspect ratio.
      • 1:1. Displays the image at the actual resolution.
    • Horizontal Position (VGA only.) Changes the horizontal position of the image. To automatically adjust, use the Auto Adjust option.
    • Vertical Position (VGA only.)
  • VGA:
    • Phase. Synchronizes the signal timing of the pen display to match that of your graphics card. Use when you experience an unstable or flickering image, or horizontal distortion lines.
    • Pitch. Changes the display data frequency to match that of your graphics card. Use when you experience an unstable or flickering image, or vertical distortion lines.
    • Auto Adjust. Automatically optimizes the display screen image.
  • Other settings:
    • Language. Choose the language in which to display the OSD menu
    • Menu Transparency. Changes the opaqueness of the OSD menu background.
    • Reset. Returns the display parameters of the current mode to their factory default settings.

Press the OSD toggle button to close the menu. All settings are saved when the OSD menu closes and will be used the next time the pen display receives a similar video signal. This is applicable to all display modes.

If you make changes to the display appearance and cannot return to the original settings, use the Reset option to return to the original factory defaults.

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