On-screen shortcuts

On-screen shortcuts

Grid panels (1) and Radial menus (2) are On-screen shortcuts that display on your Wacom pen display or – for pen tablets — on your computer's display. You can assign frequently used actions to the Grid panel or Radial menu keys, then use your pen, mouse, or touch (if supported) to select a key and activate its assigned action.

Pen gestures (3) allow you to pan, scroll, zoom, etc. by pressing and holding a pen button or ExpressKey and moving the pen vertically or horizontally across your device.

The above screenshots are for illustrative purposes only.

Setup and use Grid panels and Radial menus

  1. Create your On-screen shortcut.
  2. Customize the Grid panel or Radial menu keys.
  3. Assign the Grid panel or Radial menu to a customizable component (a pen button, for example).
  4. Launch the Grid panel or Radial menu by pressing the customizable component you assigned in the previous step.
  5. Click a Grid panel or Radial menu key to activate its assigned action.

Use Pen gestures

Note: Pen gestures are only available on select devices.
  1. Assign a Pen gesture to a pen button or an ExpressKey.
  2. Hold down the pen button or ExpressKey while moving the pen tip vertically or horizontally on your device to activate the Pen gesture action (pan, scroll, zoom, etc.).
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