On-screen shortcut layouts

On-screen shortcut layouts

Sample layouts for Grid panels, a Radial menu, and Pen gestures are pictured below.

Note: All On-screen shortcut layouts are in "Text only" format.

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Grid panel layouts

Three Grid panel examples are pictured below.

Note: You can change the layout of a Grid panel to another Grid panel layout.

Double column (4x2) Grid panel:

Single row (1x8) Grid panel:

Keypad (7x4) Grid panel (similar to the keyboard keypad that displays on your computer monitor):

Radial menu layout

The 8-key Radial menu is pictured below.

Pen gesture layouts

Two Pen gesture examples are pictured below.

Note: Pre-configured Pen gestures come installed in Wacom Center on select devices.

Pan/Scroll Pen gesture:

Zoom Pen gesture:

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