Stand Setup and Usage - Part 2

Stand Setup and Usage - Part 2

You can adjust the stand to change the Cintiq's height, incline, and rotation to best meet your needs throughout your working day. Adjust the display stand to a lower position as needed to emulate an easel, animator's table, or drafting table. At the lowest position of the stand, Cintiq can be freely rotated to any angle. Adjust the stand to a more vertical position when a large amount of keyboard input is required, or when making a presentation.

Adjusting display height and incline

  • To change the display incline or viewing angle, face the front of the Cintiq and grasp it on the left and right side at approximately the same height as the display stand adjustment levers.
  • Use your fingertips to gently pull the incline adjustment levers toward the Cintiq. This will release a clutch mechanism.
  • Tilt the display to adjust the incline setting.
  • When adjusting incline, set the display stand to an incline slightly higher than the height you want, then lower the display to the desired position.
  • To lower the Cintiq, pull the left incline adjustment lever toward the Cintiq, then gently lower it to the desired incline angle. Release the lever to lock the stand in place.
  • To raise the Cintiq, pull the right incline adjustment lever toward the Cintiq and gently raise it to the desired incline angle. Release the lever to lock the stand in place.

Note: The incline adjustment levers exhibit some natural play before the clutch mechanism engages.

Adjusting rotation

Note: Cintiq can be rotated on the display stand when the incline is less than or equal to 25 degrees. You can only rotate the Cintiq 180 degrees in either direction.

  • To adjust rotation, grasp the Cintiq on each side and rotate it to the desired position. It will move on the bearing hub.
  • If you do not plan to rotate the Cintiq, you can use the rotation lock screws and fasten the display to the stand in a horizontal position. See Cintiq 22 optional stand configurations.
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