Desktop Mode is enabled when the Cintiq Companion Hybrid is connected to your computer with the 3-in-1 cable, and the software for PC or Mac operation has been installed. Wacom Desktop Center will launch automatically after the Mac or PC driver software has been installed.

Mobile Mode uses the Android operating system. The Cintiq is in Mobile Mode when it is not connected to your computer with the 3-in-1 cable or the HDMI connector. When in Mobile Mode, the Cintiq will function as a Android tablet with pen and touch input capability.

Pen and touch

Pen and touch in Mobile Mode function much the same as in Desktop Mode. In some instances, Mobile Mode applications may not support all pen features.

Rocker Ring and Center Button

The Rocker Ring and Center Button function much the same in Desktop and Mobile Modes. The settings can be changed in Wacom Tablet Properties, the Mobile Center, and the Wacom Desktop Center.

File management

To copy or move files directly to or from your computer, connect the 3-in-1 cable to your Cintiq and connect just the USB cable to your computer. Cintiq will remain in Mobile Mode.

In Mobile Mode, you can manage your files in two different ways:

  • ASTRO File Manager, created by Metago, is pre-installed on your Cintiq. ASTRO File Manager allows you to move your files between the Cintiq, your computer, USB devices, and Cloud locations. You can transfer, copy, delete, rename, sort, create new folders and directories, and perform other functions.

  • Move files directly. When you connect the Cintiq to your computer, drives and devices will appear on your screen. You can move files from these devices between your computer and the Cintiq using drag and drop.

Detailed instructions on using ASTRO File Manager are provided in the ASTRO File Manager Getting Started Guide on the Metago website, ASTRO File Manager can be launched by selecting File Management in the Wacom Mobile Center, or you can launch it from your Home screen.


To charge the Cintiq in Mobile Mode, connect the cable from the power adapter directly into the 3-in-1 connector.

Note: The use of some HDMI adapters can cause the Cintiq to switch to Desktop Mode even if it is not connected to a computer, and your screen will be blank. If this happens, unplug your adapter or 3-in-1 cable to switch your Cintiq to Mobile Mode. If the Lock icon appears on the screen, slide the icon toward the right to unlock the Cintiq.

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