Connect wirelessly by Bluetooth

Connect wirelessly by Bluetooth

You can work wirelessly by pairing your tablet to a computer by Bluetooth. Your tablet is battery-powered when you are connected by Bluetooth.

To connect wirelessly by Bluetooth:

  1. If your tablet is connected to your computer by USB, disconnect the USB cable.
  2. Open your computer's Bluetooth menu and turn Bluetooth On.
  3. Press the power button on your tablet until the blue LED starts to blink slowly.
    • If your model does not have a power button, press the Touch Ring center button until the blue LED starts to blink slowly.
    • If your tablet was previously connected to a computer which is now off or out of range, the blue LED above the power button will blink quickly.
  4. The blue LED slowly blinking indicates the tablet is discoverable by Bluetooth.
  5. In your computer's Bluetooth menu, select your tablet's name when it appears.
  6. Click Pair or complete the pairing process per your operating system's instructions.
  7. The blue LED will stop blinking when your tablet is connected.
  8. Close the Bluetooth menu.

After you pair your computer to your tablet, you can switch between a Bluetooth and USB connection by plugging and unplugging the USB cable.

Tips for improving Bluetooth connectivity

  • Check to see if your computer has a built-in Bluetooth antenna. If not, purchase and install a Bluetooth adapter.
  • Check what version of Bluetooth your computer or adapter is using. If you are not using a compatible version, install a compatible Bluetooth adapter.
    • Version 4.0 or higher is recommended.
    • A minimum of Version 2.1 is required.
  • Check Updates in Wacom Center to make sure that you are using the latest Wacom driver and tablet firmware.
  • Update your operating system to the latest version.
  • Move your tablet closer to your computer, and make sure that the space between the computer and the tablet is clear.
  • Unpair other Bluetooth devices, especially any that transfer a large amount of data, such as headphones, speakers, or storage devices.

Waking your pen tablet

When not used for 30 minutes your pen tablet will automatically turn off to preserve battery charge and extend battery life.

To wake your Intuos:

  • Press the power button.
    • If your model does not have a power button, press the Touch Ring center button.
  • The blue LED will quickly blink while reconnecting with your computer.
  • The blue LED will stop blinking when the connection has been restored.

Connecting wirelessly to a second computer

  1. If the first computer is on and within range of the tablet:
    1. Unpair your pen tablet from your first computer in the computer's Bluetooth menu.
    2. The LED on the pen tablet will turn off to indicate the connection has been lost.
  2. Confirm the driver is installed on your second computer.
  3. Repeat the connection steps at the beginning of this page with your second computer.

What the LED means

Information is conveyed by the status and color of the LED:

LED Color Meaning
Off If connected to a wall adapter by USB cable this indicates the battery is fully charged. Otherwise, it means the tablet is off.
White Connected to computer by USB cable, battery fully charged
Blue (not blinking) Connected to computer by Bluetooth
Blue (slowly blinking) In pairing mode, attempting to connect to computer
Blue (quickly blinking) Attempting to reconnect to last paired computer
Orange (not blinking) Connected to computer or wall adapter by USB cable, battery charging (> 10%)
Orange (blinking) Battery is low (<= 10%) and connected by Bluetooth, attach to a computer or wall adapter by USB cable to charge
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