The controls of your Cintiq 13HD or Cintiq 13HDT include:

  • Customizable ExpressKeys™: Four keys on the front of the creative pen display allow you to set frequently used functions or keystrokes, simulate button clicks or modifier keys, or create automatic settings for a number of applications. See Customizing the ExpressKeys™ and About your Cintiq 13.
  • Rocker Ring: The four-position Rocker Ring allows you to further customize your functions. See Using the Rocker Ring.
  • Status LED: The Status LED should light white when the Cintiq 13HD has power and is connected to an active USB port for each of the following actions:
    • Click with the tool tip
    • Touch the active area with a pen, or with a pen or finger on the 13HDT
    • Use the pen, Rocker Ring or ExpressKeys™
    • Press the button
    • Press the eraser to the screen

Number Item
1 Center Button
2 Rocker Ring
3 ExpressKeys™

Number Item
4 Stand slots
5 Power button
6 USB port
7 Video interface port
8 Status LED

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