The MobileStudio Pro is in Mobile Mode when it is not connected to your computer. When in Mobile Mode, the MobileStudio Pro will function as a Windows tablet with pen and touch input capability. The Windows operating system used in Mobile Mode is pre-installed on your device.

The Desktop Mode is enabled when the MobileStudio Pro is connected to your computer. Using the center Thunderbolt 3 port on your MobileStudio Pro, connect to your computer directly (if your computer supports the appropriate connection) or use the Wacom Link Plus Adapter. Ensure the Wacom driver software for Windows or macOS has been installed.

You can move files between Desktop and Mobile Modes using an SD card, which is accessible in both modes.

See the Quick Start Guide included with your device for specific instructions on setup and driver installation.

Pen and touch

Pen and touch in Mobile Mode function much the same as in Desktop Mode.

Touch Ring and Center Button

The Touch Ring and Center Button functions are much the same in Desktop and Mobile Modes. The settings can be changed in Wacom Tablet Properties, and can be accessed from the Wacom Desktop Center.

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