Test the Touch Strips

Test the Touch Strips

If the Touch Strips on your Cintiq 22HD do not work as you expect, check the assigned functions or reset them to their default conditions.

  1. Open Wacom Tablet Properties and click on the About button. In the dialog that appears, click Diagnose... The Diagnostics dialog shows dynamic information about the tablet, your tool(s), and appropriate information for touch-sensitive tablets.
  2. If more than one pen tablet is connected to your system, select the one you are testing in the Tablet Info column.
  3. Use the information shown in the dialog when testing your tablet and tools.

The above screenshot is for descriptive purposes; it may not match your screen.

  1. With the Diagnostics dialog open, observe the Tablet Info column as you test each Touch Strip. Be sure you have selected the tablet you are testing from the Tablet Info column.
  2. Slide your finger up or down along the entire length of each Touch Strip. A number is shown next to either the Left Touch or Right Touch category, depending on which Touch Strip you are testing.
  3. Press the corresponding Touch Strip mode button for the Touch Strip you are testing. This will toggle between the customizable states of the Touch Strip. As you toggle, an overlay will appear briefly on your display screen to show the function assignments. Within the Diagnostics dialog box, the button state will also be shown. If any of the functions are set to Skip, that function will be skipped in the toggle sequence.
  4. When you are done, click the Close button.

Important: Some applications can override and control the ExpressKey or Touch Ring functions. Consider closing any open applications except Wacom Tablet Properties when testing the Touch Ring. For details, see Using integrated applications.

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