About the Cintiq Companion

About the Cintiq Companion

The Cintiq Companion is a high-performance mobile computer that supports both pen and touch input, and is designed to accommodate your work preferences. It can be used in landscape or portrait orientation, lying flat on your desk or in your lap. In landscape orientation, it can be placed in one of three inclined positions, using the stand provided. When drawing or sketching, you have up to 2048 pressure levels and a comfortable drawing surface. Use the Cintiq as a completely mobile, battery-powered device, or while it is plugged into a power source.

See Cintiq Companion features for illustrations and information about your pen display. See Set up your device for setup instructions, including how to start your device. Refer to your Quick Start Guide for additional information and illustrations. The product Help topics can also help you make the best use of your new Cintiq and can be accessed from Wacom Center.

Your Cintiq Companion can be used with the pen that came with your product, or a Wacom accessory pen or tool specified for use with the Cintiq Companion.

Included with your Cintiq Companion

Your Cintiq Companion features the following:

  • Professional-level pen input
  • Multi-finger touch input
  • Two rear speakers
  • Two microphone jacks
  • Volume control button
  • Autorotate toggle switch
  • Front camera for web conferencing
  • Rear camera for taking pictures or recording videos
  • Detachable stand providing inclined positions when used in landscape orientation
  • Two USB ports for attaching peripheral devices
  • Mini DisplayPort for video out
  • MicroSD card slot for additional storage
  • Eight GB RAM
  • Built-in Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Bluetooth Smart technology
  • Wifi network capability

Review the Important Product Information, which describes safety precautions, specifications, warranties, and the license agreement for your device, in Wacom Center.

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