About the DTH-1152

About the DTH-1152

The DTH-1152 pen display allows you to easily view, annotate, and sign documents. Use the pen or touch the device surface directly to open documents on your DTH-1152 and then work with and sign them directly on the device, too.

Check out DTH-1152 features for illustrations and information about your device. See Set up your device for setup instructions, including how to Connect to your computer.

Included with the DTH-1152

When you unpack the DTH-1152, make sure that you have the following items and accessories:

  • DTH-1152 pen display
  • Pen
  • Pen tether
  • Extra pen nibs
  • Nib removal tool
  • 3-in-1 cable
  • AC power adapter
  • Power cable
  • Quick Start Guide

Make sure to review the Important Product Information, which describes safety precautions, specifications, and the license agreement, as well as the warranty included with your device.

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