Battery life

Battery life

When using your device wirelessly, the battery life will vary depending on usage and your device model. You can expect a full day of working charge for small- and medium-sized device models, and a half day for a large device. Wacom recommends purchasing an extra battery. See Ordering parts and accessories.

The typical life span of a lithium-ion battery is two to three years, whether it is used or not. Charge the battery immediately if the low battery warning appears. See Power-saving features.

The device draws current from the battery whenever the Wacom wireless module is on, and will enter sleep mode when the battery level is low. A small amount of current is used in sleep mode. Wacom recommends charging the battery and then turning the wireless module off before leaving the device unused for a number of days, and removing the battery when storing the device for more than a month. See Battery and power management.

Check the status of your battery charge from the Wireless tab in Wacom Tablet Properties.

Once the battery voltage falls below a minimum level, an internal protection circuit in the battery prevents charging. If the circuit is activated, you can no longer charge the battery. You may not be able to recharge the battery after six continuous months of non-use.

Warning: See the Important Product Information guide, accessible from Wacom Center, for battery safety precautions.
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