Using the Pen

Using the Pen

Hold the pen as you would a normal pen or pencil. Adjust your grip so that you can toggle the side switch easily with your thumb or forefinger. Be careful not to accidentally press the switch while drawing or positioning with the pen.

You can customize settings for your pen tip feel and pressure, eraser feel, side switch and application-specific pen functions. To customize your pen, choose it from the Tool list in the Wacom Tablet Properties. Select the Pen tab and choose from the available options. Pens appear in the Tool list after you touch the tablet surface with the tip of the pen.

  • Position the cursor: Move the pen slightly above the active area without touching the screen surface. Press the pen tip on the screen to make a selection. Tap the screen once with the pen tip, or touch it to the screen with enough pressure to register a click.
  • Double click: press the upper side switch (when set to Double Click), or quickly tap the screen twice in the same place with the pen tip.
  • Erase: Use the eraser just as you would the eraser on a pencil.
  • Move: Select the object, then slide the pen tip across the screen to move it.
  • Line control: Use the options in Wacom Tablet Properties to control line shape and thickness, define and adjust brush characteristics, and create effects in applications that support this feature.
  • Pressure sensitivity: Use the pen inside the active area while applying various amounts of downward pressure to the tip of the pen. Press hard for thick lines or dense color. Press gently for thin lines or softer color.

Using the side switch

The pen side switch can be set to two different customizable functions. You can use the switch whenever the pen tip is within range of the tablet active area. You do not have to touch the pen tip to the tablet in order to use the switch.

The default side switch positions are:

  • Upper switch: double-click. This is easier than tapping twice with the pen tip.
  • Lower switch: right-click. This brings up application-specific or icon-specific menus.

To position a document or image within the active window:

  • Set a switch function to Pan/Scroll.
  • Press the pen button and move the pen tip across the tablet surface to reposition the image.
  • Release the pen button or lift the pen tip from the surface when you are done.

In some application windows, the document will precisely follow the cursor as you move the pen tip. In others it will simply move in the same general direction as the screen cursor.