Using the pen

Using the pen

Hold the pen as you would normally hold a pen or pencil. Adjust your grip so that you can press the side switch easily with your thumb (recommended) or index finger without accidentally pressing it while drawing or signing.

Using the pen tip and eraser

  • Draw or sign: Use the pen to interact with your device by drawing or signing with the pen tip directly on the device surface.
    • Pens are pressure-sensitive, so the harder you press, the thicker your lines and the denser the color.
  • Move the cursor: Move the pen while holding it slightly above the device without touching the screen surface.
  • Double-click: Quickly tap the screen twice in the same place with the pen tip.
  • Erase: Flip the pen to the side opposite the pen tip and move the eraser over the area you want to erase, just as you would use the eraser on a pencil.
    • Note: Some pens do not have an eraser.
  • Select an item: Tap the screen once with the pen tip.
  • Move an item: Select the item with the pen tip, then slide the pen tip across the screen to move it.

Using the side switch

Note: Some pens have one side switch button and some have two.

  • To perform the function assigned to a pen side switch, hold the pen tip slightly above the surface of your device and press the side switch.
    • You do not have to touch the pen tip to the surface in order to use the switch.
    • To see what functions are assigned to the side switch, look on the Pen tab in Wacom Tablet Properties.
  • If your pen has a side switch with two buttons, press the upper part of the switch for one function and the lower part for another.

Important: You can customize how your pen and the side switch works by going to Wacom Tablet Properties and Advanced Options.