Care for your device

Care for your device

Follow these care and maintenance tips to ensure optimum performance of your device.

Warning: Do not spill liquids onto your device or pen. The devices may fail if exposed to liquids.
  • Clean your device using an anti-static cloth or slightly damp cloth and light pressure.
  • Do not wrap the cables around the device when storing it.
  • Replace your pen nibs frequently to avoid scratching the surface with worn pen nibs.
  • Avoid extremes in temperature.

This product uses an OLED display. If the same image is displayed continuously or repeatedly at high brightness on the OLED, burn-in may occur. This is a characteristic of the OLED material and is not a malfunction.

To prolong the life of the OLED display:

  • Turn off the power and turn off the screen display when not in use.
  • Use the computer's sleep function or screen saver.
  • Leave the Display Saving function on (this is the default setting).

Make sure to review the Important Product Information for additional safety precautions. You can find it in Wacom Center, or on the "Resources for your Wacom device" page:

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