Battery status

Battery status

The battery status LED on your Cintiq Companion Hybrid shows the following:

  • Charging: Amber
  • Fully charged:
    • With AC power: Green
    • Without AC power: Off
  • Low battery:
    • With AC power: Amber
    • Without AC power: Red (battery is below 10%)
  • Sleep, or no power: Off

Battery status is displayed on the Wacom Desktop Center, the Mobile Center, and on the task bar on the Mobile screen. You will receive notifications if the battery charge falls to a low level, and the LED status light will turn red. Completely discharging the battery will cause the Cintiq to shut down.

If the battery's operating temperature becomes too hot or too cold, you will receive a notification. If the battery is too hot and your Cintiq is connected to an external power source, unplug the Cintiq. If you believe you have a problem with battery operation and are not able to resolve it, contact Wacom Support for your region.

To protect and maximize the life of your battery:

  • Operate and store your Cintiq at room temperature.
  • Do not allow your battery to be completely discharged.
  • Do not ignore low-battery notifications
  • Wacom recommends that you keep the power cable connected when working in Desktop Mode, so the battery charge does not get too low.
  • If you will not be using your Cintiq for an extended period of time, charge the battery before your final use.
  • Restart the Cintiq once every month or so and check the battery status icon. Charge the battery again if it is very low.

Important: Do not attempt to access, remove, repair, replace, or alter your Cintiq's battery. If you experience a problem with the battery, contact Wacom Support for your region.

Review the Important Product Information document, which provides product specifications, warranty terms, and related information. The document is accessible from the Wacom Desktop Center, and the Manuals page of the Wacom Support website. To view documentation on the website, go to Wacom Support.

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