Work wirelessly

Work wirelessly

Your device is designed to let you go wireless by adding the Wacom wireless accessory kit. To order the kit, or to view other accessories and product options, go to the Wacom Store.

To install and use the kit, see Wireless setup.

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Wireless accessory kit

The Wacom wireless accessory kit includes the following components:

  • The Wacom wireless module plugs into your device.
  • Wireless module

  • The Wacom wireless receiver plugs into your computer. When not in use, it can be stored inside your Wacom device. See Wireless receiver storage.
  • The rechargeable lithium-ion battery installs inside the Wacom device.
  • Wireless battery

Note: The wireless module and receiver are factory paired. If either one is lost or damaged, you will need to purchase a new wireless accessory kit. The battery can be purchased separately. See Ordering Parts and Accessories.

Wireless optimization

If your screen cursor lags behind the pen movement on the device or move erratically, or if you see excessive straight line segments when drawing in graphics applications, your wireless connection may not be able to transmit all of the data from the device with the necessary speed. This may be caused by interference from other radio sources, obstructions in the radio wave path, excessive distance from the computer, or a combination of those factors.

To improve the wireless connection and optimize device performance:

  • Remove any metallic objects that may be in the line of sight between your Wacom device and the Wacom wireless receiver attached to your computer.
  • Try connecting the wireless receiver to a USB extension cable, and place it on your desktop or somewhere in sight of the Wacom device.
  • Move the device closer to your computer.
  • Switch off any other devices operating in the 2.4 GHz radio spectrum, such as mobile telephones, etc., or move their antennas further away from your computer.
Warning: See the Important Product Information guide, accessible from Wacom Center, for battery safety precautions.

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