About the Wacom Movink 13

About the Wacom Movink 13

Your Wacom Movink 13 creative pen display helps you express yourself by allowing you to create directly on your screen. The Movink is thin, light-weight, and easily portable. A single USB-C cable can power the Movink and connect it to a computer with a USB-C port that supports video output.

The Movink's OLED display screen supports a wide range of colors, prevents ripples when pressing the pen to the screen, creates a smooth drawing experience, and the low-blue light feature makes the display easy on your eyes. For important care tips for the OLED display, see Care for your device.

  • Use the Pro Pen 3 included with your Movink, or another supported pen.
  • Interact with your device using Touch & gestures, multi-finger swipes and taps that allow you to perform actions such as switching applications or showing the desktop.
  • You can use one of the Movink's Tablet Buttons and the Touch Keys as ExpressKeys, allowing you to create time-saving shortcuts.
  • Your Movink is supported on Windows, macOS, as well as Android and Chromebook.

Also see: Features of your Wacom Movink 13 and Connect to your computer.

Included with your Wacom Movink 13

After you unpack your Movink, make sure the following items are included:

Movink 13 creative pen display

USB-C to C cable
Quick Start Guide booklet
Pro Pen 3
Pen nibs
Tip: You can optionally purchase the Wacom Color Manager and the Wacom Movink 13 accessory pack, which includes the Wacom Foldable Stand, Movink Tablet Sleeve, and Rollup Case (holds 2 pens & 1 cable). Both are available on the Wacom eStore.

Find more information

  • Access FAQs and other product information on the Movink 13 Getting Started page of the Wacom website.
  • Review the Important Product Information, which describes safety precautions, specifications, warranties, and the license agreement for your device, available in the Help & support section of Wacom Center.
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